Writing For Love Or Money

I have a message for authors who create books on the many aspects of self-publishing. Your message is becoming less an inspiration and more a post-apocalyptic public service announcement warning about a zombie attack:  It’s brutal out here. Not everyone will survive, because, let’s face it, most of you are just not that good, not…

Podcasts For Writers: Part One Of The Writer Resource Series

Vintage Microphone Isolated

If Howard Stern and CarTalk had a baby, it would be the Self-Publishing Podcast. This rowdy podcast is only one example of the irreverant, funny, insightful shows you can find on the subject of writing and publishing. Personally, I LOVE podcasts! Discovering a podcast with a large back-list is a little like finding a Christmas…

Writing Character Emotions: Lessons From Walter White And Jessica Meuse


“Wit is the epitaph of an emotion.” Friedrich Nietzsche   Okay, I’ll be honest. In the winter, I become a TV junky.  While I’m confessing, you may as well know that I’m also a closeted fan of American Idol and The Voice. These shows create enough white-noise to make me forget I’m writing, especially at…

Self-Publishing Success: Hopeful or Hopeless

Traffic calming device

Writing and publishing a book seems a lot like having a baby. There is always a stranger who wants to tell you their awful story.  They had to use the paddles during my C-section.  Worse, you could be trapped in a corner for hours while a new mother shares all the tiny details of her…


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